Terms and Conditions


By use of this card the customer agrees to the HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM membership terms and conditions as laid out herewith and any future amendments that may occur.

1)      The HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM membership is only open to individuals. It is not transferable.

2)      The HOWIE REWARDS CARD is not a credit card or charge card and the rewards earned or redeemed are not redeemable for cash.

3)      The HOWIE REWARDS CARD remains the property of Hungry Howie’s Properties Inc., Millennium Food Service LLC., and Metro Foods LLC.

4)      On membership the HOWIE REWARDS cardholder will enjoy 5% of the value of every food purchase at the participating location, loaded on to their card. Note: The maximum *per transaction* value that can be earned is $2.50.

5)      The HOWIE REWARDS earned can only be redeemed if the card is registered online.

6)      The rewards earned are to be redeemed with 12 months of accrual.

7)      For your own security, please present the HOWIE REWARDS CARD for all transactions.

8)      Only one HOWIE REWARDS CARD per transaction is permitted.

9)      A member must notify HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM immediately of any change of address or of a lost or stolen membership card via email: tcapoferi@hungryhowies.com

10)   HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards. HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM is not responsible for unauthorized use of the card. The cardholder takes sole responsibility for the security of the cash rewards earned.

11)   The HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM is offered at the absolute discretion of Hungry Howie’s Properties Inc., Millennium Food Service LLC., and Metro Foods LLC., and reserve the right to withdraw, cancel, vary or in any way change this program at any time without prior notice.

12)   HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM will aim to notify members of any changes but shall not be held liable in any way for failure to do so.

13)    Hungry Howie’s Properties Inc., Millennium Food Service LLC., and Metro Foods LLC. may cancel membership at any time without notice for any reason, including if member fails to comply with these terms and conditions, supplies any misleading information, makes misrepresentation of Hungry Howie’s or any participating store or abuses any privilege afforded to the member.

14)   By subscribing to the HOWIE REWARDS PROGRAM, a member must provide Hungry Howie’s with your personal details as requested on the application form.

15)   A member may terminate membership at any time by writing to Hungry Howie Rewards via email: tcapoferi@hungryhowies.com or by letter to: Hungry Howie Rewards, 30300 Stephenson Hwy, Suite 120, Madison Heights, Mi. 48071.

·         Currently, orders that are placed online will not earn the 5% cashback rewards. Cashback rewards cannot be redeemed for online orders.

·         Must be a registered rewards member for at least 45 days to receive Birthday Bonus

·         The "Free $5 Cash Bonus" is a onetime bonus and will be loaded on to your rewards card once you have accumulated a total of $25 in reward purchases during a 12 month period. It may take up to 30 days to receive your $5 cash bonus loaded on to your card. You will receive an email indicating that Hungry Howie’s has loaded your card with your $5 bonus.